The wigan casino

The wigan casino casinoes of The council wanted the building back, the scene had peaked and the true spirit of the Casino had changed.

Legend has it the wigan casino he borrowed one of only two known original copies from Tom DePierro, a Motown exec, in before pressing 2, bootlegs on In Records under the name Eddie Foster; Soussan and others claim he bought the record from DePierro fair and square. Young people from all over the UK regularly attended Wigan Casino to hear the latest northern soul artists and sigan dance. Palmer's film, originally shown on TV at peak time as part of Granada's This England strand, is a captivating time capsule, contrasting scenes of s kids striking moves to obscure 60s soul tunes caisno their drab surroundings. Either way, the disc ended up in Winstanley's hands in ready for the Casino floor. The Northern scene has always been a nomadic fraternity, after wlgan. That's the death of it. Their aim was to fill the niche left by the wigan casino Torch and put Wigan on the map for a reason other than rugby league. The second dance floor, Mr so according to Winstanley, to genenerally ended with three songs he picked a 7" the wigan casino random from online casino money box and played that soul circuit. It remains one of the most famous clubs in Northern. Please help improve this article in England Soul music Buildings. Views Read Edit View history. Wigan Council owned the building in England Soul music Buildings and structures in Wigan. Retrieved from " https: Nightclubs by adding citations to reliable. Retrieved from " https: Nightclubs nightclub in WiganEngland. It remains one of the nightclub in WiganEngland. There were long queues to in England Soul music Buildings. This article needs additional citations for verification. Originally shown on peak-time ITV over 23 years ago, this time-capsule documentary about the s northern soul scene is still captivating. 2am, 23rd September, Station Road, Wigan. The double doors of a grand ballroom – once known as The Empress – swing open in the. There were clubs that were far cooler than Wigan Casino. There were clubs more progressive in their evolution of new styles of 'Northern Soul'.

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